The Valley of flowers was discovered coincidentally by British mountaineer Frank s. Smythe in 1931. He later wrote a book about the valley and since then the place is well known for others and attracted thousands of travellers and botanist to understand the endemic alpine flowers of the valley.

Frozen during the winter months, this valley is full of flowers from July till late September. It is one of UNESCO's World Network of Biosphere Reserves. Well known for it's charming meadows with around 300 different species of wild flowers including Blue Poppy, Calendula and Dianthus. According to the Hindu legend, Lord Hanuman had collected the Sanjeevani buti for curing Lord Lakshmana from here.

The visit to this valley can be combined with a trip to Hemkund. Hemkund Sahib is a Sikh pilgrimage site. If you are a trekker, it will take you about 3 days to trek to Hemkund Sahib. If unavailability of time or other reasons do not allow you to trek, you can opt for the second option of the Deccan helicopter service from Govind Ghat to Govind Dhamher which charges around Rs. 6000 for round trip. The Lokpal lake and a Lokpal Laxman temple are also attractions at Hemkund sahib.