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Gurgaon, the commercial capital of Haryana, is one of the most sought after destination for MNCs, Corporates, residents and Investors as it offers world class standard of living and globally comparable business address in the form of IT parks and Business Centers. Real estate is booming at a fast pace in this futuristic city of India. It can be witnessed from the number of new buildings coming up in the city. Its mounting popularity has inspired the offices to relocate from congested and unhygienic industrial zones of New Delhi to this trendy suburb.

Having grown into one of the largest and chic IT hubs of India in the last few years, Gurgaon evokes a lot of curiosity in the minds of the tourists and the corporate world. People want to know more about Gurgaon and its people. Situated in the National Capital Region, it is one of the fastest developing cities in Greater Delhi. Of late Gurgaon has flourished as the center of Information Technology and other new-age businesses. One of Delhi’s four major satellite cities, Gurgaon has of late been settled by several people due to the flourishing industrial scenario.

History of Gurgaon

Originally it was named Guru Gram or Guru Gaon (teacher’s home), and going by the Mahabharata, Yudhishtra gave the area to Guru Dronacharya for his teachings on warfare and arms to the five Pandavas when they were young.
This was the place where Dronacharya taught archery to the Pandavas, and they made good use of this knowledge when they had to shoot the Kauravas.

Till Independence, Gurgaon was a fairly backward town, but after that it rose to the occasion. Now there are a number of big industries like Atlas and the Maruti automobile factory.

Legend about Gurgaon says that it was an ancestral village gifted by the Pandavas and the Kauravas to their teacher Dronacharya. This is believed to be the place where Dronacharya gave lessons on archery to the Pandavas. During the Medieval period, it underwent several ups and downs at the hands of Muslim Rulers. It was towards the end of 1803 that the East India Company took over control of Gurgaon through a treaty signed by Surji Arjungaon. The battle of Indian freedom saw active participation of the several people of Gurgaon.

How to reach Gurgaon

Indira Gandhi International Airport, at New Delhi, 10 km away from Gurgaon is the nearest airport from this city.
Regular train services connect Gurgaon to all parts of the country. The Gurgaon railway station is situated towards the end of the city and links Rewari on one side and Delhi on the other.
The state transport bus services linking Gurgaon to the adjacent cities within and around the state are commendable options of road transport. Also, private taxis, buses, metered auto-rickshaws, and state buses are comfortably accessible.

Distance from Gurgaon to major cities
Cities Distance in KM
Gurgaon to Agra : 196
Gurgaon to Allahabad : 621
Gurgaon to Bhopal : 737
Gurgaon to Calcutta : 1426
Gurgaon to Delhi : 30
Gurgaon to Pune : 1416
Gurgaon to Jaipur : 228
Gurgaon to Mumbai : 1393

Best time to visit Gurgaon
January, February, July, August, September, October, November, December.

Climate of Gurgaon
Summers: maximum temperature is about 41° C
Winters: 21° C and the mean daily minimum temperature about 7° C.

STD Code of Gurgaon

Festivals and Fairs in Gurgaon
Festivals and fairs are an integral part of religious life. The common festivals celebrated by the Hindus are Holi, Janmashtami, Dussehra and Diwali. The other festivals are Shivratri, Gugga Naumi, Solono and Bhaiya Duj. Mela Masani mata or Sheetala Mata ka mela and mela Chhat Bhadon or Baldev Chhat are the more important fair held in the district. Mela Pir, mela Burha Baba or Mela Vankhandeshwar, Mela Suraj Kund, Mela of Ravan of Meos and Mela Jhirka are locally important fairs.
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