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Brief of Banswara

It is also named so because of the bamboos (Bans) which were found in abundance in the forests. In 1913 some bhils revolted under the headship of a social reformer Govindgiri and Punja which was suppressed in November, 1913. Hundreds of Bhils were shot dead at the Mangarh hillock where they were holding a peaceful meeting. The event is also known as the Mini Jalianwala Bagh massacre. The place has become sacred and is better known as the Mangarh Dham.


With the merger of the princely states in the Union of India, the Banswara State and Kushalgarh chiefship got merged in the Greater Rajasthan in 1949 and Banswara was carved out as a separate district by merging these principalities.

History of Banswara

The Banswara district forms eastern part of the region known as Vagad or Vagwar. The district was formerly a princely state ruled by the Maharavals. It is said that a Bhil ruler Bansia ruled over it and Banswara was named after his name. Bansia was defeated and killed by Jagmal Singh who became the first Maharaval of the princely state.


How to reach Banswara

Udaipur and Indore is the nearest airport. From airport, you can either board a train, bus or a taxi to land on the magnificent city of Banswara.
Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh is the nearest railway station which connects Banswara with all other major cities of the country.
Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh roadways operates frequent busses and connects it to other major cities of India which includes Ahmedabad, Baroda, Ujjain, Jaipur.

Best time to visit Banswara
Sep to March

Climate of Banswara
In Summer: 42oC (Max) - 25oC (Min)
In winter: 22oC (Max) - 0oC (Min)
Rainy Season: July to Mid Sept, and very humid (upto 90%)

Fairs & Festivals of Banswara

Bhill community is a rivalry and very laborers community, so they could managed to get the entertainment on particular festival occasions only. Bhills are commonly tradition followers and they follow Kharo, Moto and Bhalo Dharms.



Holi is the main festival for the tribals. Tribes wear their traditional dresses carrying swords & sticks and performs the "Gair dance" which is a typical tribal dance of this region.
Divasa (Haryali Amavasya)
Divasa is a festival and it is being celebrated on the last day of first fortnight of Shravanmas. On that day special bath will perform to Bullocks and Animals, and prays them as they are God's different posture. Special food items will prepare on that day and enjoys with full of joy.
It is celebrated on the 11th day of the bright half of Phalgun and unmarried boys and girls observe fast on this day. They go to a pond in the afternoon, wash themselves and bring small branches of tamarind trees. The Bhils attend the fair armed with bows, arrows and swords. This festival is held at Ghodi Ranchod, Bhim Kund, Sangmeshwar, etc.
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