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A city of Charming Contrast; a pulsating modern town famous for its architecture and landscape. Chandigarh derives its name from the temple of Chandi located in the vicinity of the site selected for the city. Chandigarh was constituted a Union Territory of India on 1st November 1966. It is the first planned city of India designed by Le Corbusier, an eminent architect and urban theorist. The city pollution-free air, the short distance, the wide tree lined boulevards and avenues, lakes all contribute to making Chandigarh a charming place for residents and visitors.

History of Chandigarh

Prior to the partition of India, Lahore was the capital city of undivided Punjab. But, after the partition, when Lahore went to Pakistan, India was left without any capital. Also, it led to the migration of people of west Punjab to the eastern towns within India. These two factors gave rise to the need to choose a site in the foothills of Shivalik range that would serve as the capital of Punjab. In the year 1951, the well-known French architect, named Le Corbusier, took the charge of giving the city a modern look. He further appointed a team, who worked under his supervision and guidance. The team decided to work in two phases. While designing the city, factors like pollution, traffic, travel and tourism and other environmental aspects were born in mind. This is how Chandigarh turned into a well-planned capital city of Punjab, India.

How to reach Chandigarh

There is an excellent road network in Chandigarh. There are two national highways, namely, No. 21 (Ambala-Kinnaur) and 22 (Chandigarh-Leh) that serve this union territory by connecting it with other parts of the country. Infact, there are many pilgrimage spots and famous towns that are located at a motorable distance. There are several buses that link Chandigarh with other neighboring cities. Buses are of different kinds: air-conditioned, deluxe, semi-deluxe or ordinary. .
The city is well connected with major cities via train. There are two trains, namely, Shatabdi Express and Himalayan Queen that link Chandigarh with Delhi and the best part is that these trains run daily.
The city is well connected with Delhi, Leh and Amritsar via air. The airport is located at a distance of about 12 kms from the city center.

Distance from Chandigarh to major cities

Cities Distance in KM
Chandigarh to Ambala : 45
Chandigarh to Amritsar : 223
Chandigarh to Chamba : 375
Chandigarh to Dalhousie : 335
Chandigarh to Delhi : 250
Chandigarh to Dharamshala : 250
Chandigarh to Jaipur : 496
Chandigarh to Jalandhar : 146
Chandigarh to Jammu : 355
Chandigarh to Kasauli : 70
Chandigarh to Kullu : 270
Chandigarh to Ludhiana : 96
Chandigarh to Manali : 320
Chandigarh to Mumbai : 1657
Chandigarh to Pathankot : 245
Chandigarh to Shimla : 118

Best time to visit Chandigarh
Mid August and November

STD Code of Chandigarh

Climate of Chandigarh

Winter temperature: 4 - 14C
Summer temperature: 37 - 44C

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