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Brief of Dehradun

Dehradun is a picturesque valley set amidst the Himalayas, Shivaliks, Ganges and Yamuna. This breath - taking hill resort located in the foothills of the Himalayas is one of the prime tourist attraction in the state of Uttaranchal. The climate of Dehradun is so beautiful that during the time of the British rule, they turned Dehradun into a fine summer resort. Today Dehradun has some fine institutions that hold a place of pride in the Indian socio-political and economic scenario.


Dehradun is the gateway to the Garhwal region of Uttaranchal.

Dehradun has some very famous temples and visitors make it a point to visit these temples. The place also offers excellent hiking trails and mountain adventures. Some of the famous institutes in Dehradun are the Anthropological Survey of India, Botanical Survey of India, Indian Military Academy, etc. Dehradun is famous for its woolen garments and these comes at a remarkably low price. You will also find carpets prepared by Tibetan refugees and these make for excellent souvenir and gift items.Dehradun is very well connected with New Delhi by road, rail and air. The nearest airport is the Jolly Grant Airport and this is only 25 km away from the city of Dehradun. The city is linked very well by railways and there are quite a few trains like the Shatabdi Express, Mussorie Express, etc.

There are a number of hotels in Dehradun that will provide you with all sorts of facilities. If you want to splurge and desire to spend the days at Dehradun in luxury, there are grand five star hotels that will spoil you with pleasure. In case you are in a budget tour of the place, even then you will find plenty of hotels in the city where you can live comfortably albeit at a low price. The best time to visit Dehradun is in summer when the temperature remains moderate. However, if you love the challenging mountains, snowfall and chilling cold, you come here even in the winter and enjoy Dehradun with a difference.Dehradun has some very famous places. Among the famous temples in Dehradun, Tapkeshwar Temple is very famous. If you want to get a detailed description of the places of visit in Dehradun.

Dehradun - The capital city of Uttarachal is a complete blend of city and hill culture. It is set in the foot hills of Himalayas at the centre of the 120 kms long Doon Valley. The name Dehradun is literally made up of two words where Dera means Camp and Dun stands for Valley. The beautiful town is referred as the gateway to Mussoorie and Garhwal interior. It is perhaps one of the oldest cities in India and was occupied in turns by the Sikhs, Mughals and Gurkhas before coming under the reigns of the British. Elite educational and other institutions were established during the British period.Dehradun is today proud of its institutions like the Forest Research Institute, Doon and Welham Schools, ONGC, Indian Military Academy, Wadia Institute of Himalayan Studies, Survey of India and Botanical Survey of India etc. The Survey of India was established in 1767 and its greatest achievement was to determine the height of Mt. Everest. Being a host of large Cantonment area, the city is a popular retirement spot. It is also famous for aromatic long grain rice - Basmati Chawal (Rice) and delicious litchies.

History of Dehradun

According to Skanda Purana, Dun formed part of the region called Kedar Khand.It was included in the kingdom of Ashoka by the end of the 3rd century B.C.

It is revealed by history that for centuries the region formed part of the Garhwal kingdom with some interruption from Rohillas. For about two decades till 1815 it was under the occupation of

the Gorkhas.

In April 1815 Gorkhas were ousted from Garhwal region and Garhwal was annexed by the British. In that year the area now comprising tehsil Dehra Dun was added to district Saharanpur. In 1825, however, it was transferred to the Kumaon Division. In 1828, Dehra Dun and Jaunsar Bhabar were placed under the charge of a separate Deputy Commissioner and in 1829, the Dehra Dun district was transferred from the Kumaon Division to the Meerut Division. In 1842, Dun was attached to Saharanpur district and placed under an officer subordinate to the Collector of the district but since 1871 it is being administered as separate district. In 1968 the district was taken out from Meerut division and included in the Garhwal Division.

How to reach Dehradun

There are flight connections to Delhi, Kota, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Aurangabad, Mumbai and Ahmedabad.
Dehradun is well connected by rail with important towns of the country. Dehradun is well connected with Delhi, Lucknow, Varanasi , Amritsar, Howrah, Bombay, Morabad, Nainital etc.
It is connected by good network of roads and highways. Dehradun is well connected with all major cities of India. Locla transportation is aslo well connected with other states.

Distance from major cities to Dehradun
Agra = 381 Kms
Calcutta = 1562 Kms
Chennai = 2365 Kms
Delhi = 235 Kms
Jaipur = 493 Kms
Lucknow = 582 Kms

Best time to visit Dehradun
April to August

Climate of Dehradun
Being situated in the hilly part of the state, the climate of Dehradoon is very pleasant. During the summer months, the temperature ranges between 36oC and 16.7o C. The maximum average temperature during winter months is 23.4oC and minimum temperature is around 5.2oC.

Languages of Dehradun
Hindi, English and Kumauni.

STD Code of Dehradun

Fair and Festivals of Dehradun
Jhanda Fair
Jhanda Fair is held every year at the historic Guru Ram Rai Darbar in Dehradun City on the fifth day after Holi in the sacred memory of the Guru. The fair begins with putting up a new Jhanda (Flag) on the staff located in the compound of the historic complex. Besides local people, a large number of devotees turn up from Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, U.P. and Himachal Pradesh etc.
Tapkeshwar Mela - Tapkeshwar Meala Shvaratri
Tapkeshwar is a legendary place located on the eastern bank of the river tons. Lord Shiva is the reigning deity of the ancient temple located here in a cave. In the Skandapurana, the place has been referred to as Deveshwara. It is believed that during Dwaparyuga, this place was abode of Guru Dronacharya who lived here with his family. Since then, the cave is known as Drona Gufa. One of the famous heroes of Mahabharata and son of Guru Drona, Ashwathama, was born here. When Ashwathama was very young, the poor father could not find any milk for him. The Guru was too poor to afford a cow. It was a matter of worry to the great master. One day, when young Ashwathama was crying for milk, the helpless Guru advised him to pray and worship Lord Shiva, who would bless him with milk. Ashwathama did so. Pleased with the young boy's tough penance, Lord Shiva appeared before him and enquired about his wish. Little Ashwathama asked for milk. Lord Shiva blessed him and said that milk would be made available here. Ashwathama found milk falling on the Shivalinga, drop by drop. Ashwathama had prayed to the Lord by the name of Tapkeshwar and hence the place was known by the same name. A big fair takes place here on the Shivratri day. Thousands of devotees congregate at this place on the day to offer prayers. Tapkeshwar is approachable from Dehradun by City Bus or three wheelers and is about 5 kms from the Bus-Stand and 5.5 kms from Railway Station.
Laxman Sidhha Fair
Lakshman Siddha is one of the four Siddhpeeths around Dehradun. It has immense religious importance. It is mainly a local religious fair held every Sunday, but last Sunday of April has a special significance, when people turn up in very large number and seen offering obeisance to the Samadhi here. It is about 10 kms away on Dehradun-Rishikesh road and can be easily approached by city bus or tempo. It is located about a km off the road inside jungle.
Bissu Fair
This fair is held at the Jhanda ground in cantonment arear of Chakrata block of Dehradun district. It is about 3 kms from Chakrata. The fair reflects cultural heritage and tradition of Jaunsari tribe. A large number of people turn up in this fair from nearby Tehri, Uttarkashi and Saharanpur districts. The fair marks harvesting season in the area and reflects the happiness of the local people.
Mahasu Devta's Fair
Mahasu Devta's fair is held at Hanol which is about 120 kms on the Chakrata Tyuni road. The fair takes place in August every year, when Mahasu Devta(deity) is taken out in a procession. Musical prayers continue for three days and nights. The havan samagri (offering material) is arranged by the Government of India. This is a local fair of Jaunsari tribe. Thousands of participants throng the place on the occasion from the adjacent Tehri, Uttarkashi and Saharanpur district.
Saheed Veer Kesri Chandra Fair
This fair is held at Ramtal in Nagau gram sabha of Chakrata tehsil in Dehradun district. Ramtal is a beautiful natural tank of about 30 mts long and 30 mts wide, located on a hill and is connected with a 700 mts long motorable road. The tank is surrounded by a green ground which is the venue of the fair. Every year during navratras, in the month of April a big fair is held here. A temple and a memorial dedicated to the freedom fighter Veer Kesri Chandra is located at this spot.

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