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Lying at a distance of 292 Km from Lucknow and about 415 Km from Delhi. Jhansi is the gateway to Bundelkhand. The city is more popularly linked with the heroics of Rani Laxmi Bai, the fiery queen who fought against the Britishers in the 1857 revolt. Located on a rocky hill, the Jhansi fort was built originally in 1613 by Raja Bir Singh Ja Deo and has a marvelous collection of sculptures reflecting a excellent insight into the grand history of Bundelkhand. A fine collection of sculptures

belonging to the period between 9th and 12th centuries A.D. has been housed in the Rani Mahal.


Jhansi is known by the valiant queen, Rani Lakshmi Bai. It gained importance when it came under the rule of Marathas. When Bundela King Chhatrasal gave one - third of his kingdom to Peshwa Bajirao, Bajirao distributed it into his generals, since ruling this part in Bundelkhand from his capital Pune was not feasible. Thus, Jhansi came under the rule of Newalkars. During this period, the town got expanded and developed. The town was earlier known as Shankargarh. The capital of

Bundelas was Orchha at that time. To strengthen the security of Orchha, the Bundela King was constructing a fort on a hill in Shankargarh. When he looked at the site of the new fort, from his palace in Orchha, he told his general that the place was looking like a jhain - si (blurred shadow), and Jhansi got its present name then.

How to reach

By Air:
Nearest airport is Gwalior Airport 98 km.

By Road:
Jhansi, on National Highway No. 25 and 26, is linked by a good network of roads.

By Rail:
Jhansi is well connected by an excellent railway network. Shatabadi Express (2001 / 2002) is one of the fastest luxury trains in India, provides the easiest access to the Jhansi from important stations between Delhi and Bhopal.

Distance from major cities
Agra 221 kms
Khajuraho 176 kms
Datia 28 kms
Shivpuri 100 kms
Kalpi 142 kms
Gorakhpur 563 kms
Lucknow 297 kms
Kanpur 220 kms
Lalitpur 93 kms
Delhi 414 kms

Best time to visit
October to March

In winters temperature ranges between 6 degrees Celsius and 21 degrees Celsius. While summer temperature hovers between 24 degrees Celsius and 45 digress Celsius. Rainy season starts in the third week of June with Monsoon rains washing the central India. Monsoon rains gradually become weak in September and the season ends in the last week of September.

Hindi, Bundeli & English

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Fairs and Festivals
Jhansi Mahaotsav
It is organized by a state government's tourism department; this is a week long event (February end - March beginning) including dance and music performances showcasing Bundelkhand's rich cultural heritage (like suata, rai dance, alha songs etc.), various competitions, a handicraft fair, food festival etc. The main events are held in open air auditorium, near state archeological museum, in the evening sessions. In the background of the auditorium, the fort stands with its entire splendor, bathed in yellow light, producing a spectacular view in the night.The competitions highlighting local culture (mehandi competition, rangoli competition, recipe competition etc. are organised in state archeological museum premises, while the handicraft fair and some other competions have found the place in Rani Lakshmibai park, across the open air auditorium. The entry is free for all the events.

State vegetables and flowers exhibition
This is a three day exhibition, organized by the state government in the state gardens of narayan bagh in the month of February. It features exhibits in various categories of vegetables, fruits, flowers and competitions in above mentioned categories as well as in home garden category. Farmers wait for this event eagerly to exhibit their produce. During the event, the public gardens witness thousands of visitors and the place becomes like a mini fair.

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