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Brief of Vrindavan
Vrindavan is situated on the banks of the river Yamuna, & around 15 km from Mathura. To the Hindus Vrindavan is a major place of pilgrimage, attracting about 5 Lakhs pilgrims every year. Vrindavan is famous for its numerous temples- both old and modern. Vrindavan is synonymous with the innocent mirth and child like playfulness of Shri Krishna. Vrindavan, the town known for the temples, big and small, famous and remote strewn all over the place.

History of Vrindavan

The name 'Vrindavan' is said to have been derived from 'Vrinda', another name for the sacred tulsi (basil) plant. A legend has it that the entire place was a tulsi grove at one time. According to another tradition, it was named after Vrinda Devi, one of Krishna's playmates. According to tradition, Emperor Akbar was taken blindfolded inside the grove where he had some kind of a spiritual experience. As a result, he acknowledged the spot as being holy ground. Vrindavan is

considered the place where Lord Krishna spent his early childhood. It was here that Krishna indulged in adolescent pranks with the gopis (milkmaids) in the forests and stealing their clothes while they bathed in the river. Little now remain of the legendary forests and the river has meandered away from most of Viridian's bathing Ghats, but the Krishna effect is still there in the large number of pilgrims visiting this town.

How to reach Vrindavan

The nearest airport is Agra around 67 km away from Vrindavan. There are regular flights to other important tourist destinations of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi, and Khajuraho. The nearest international airport is Delhi, which is connected to almost every important city in the world with major airlines.
Though Vrindavan itself is a railway station, the major railway station nearby is Mathura on the Delhi-Chennai and Delhi-Mumbai main line. Several express trains connect Mathura from other major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Calcutta, and Agra.
Vrindavan is connected to Mathura and all other places of interest in Braj by bus services and is on direct road link from Delhi and Agra.

Best time to visitVrindavan
October and March

Climateof Vrindavan
Vrindavan faces extreme climate with hot and humid summer and chilly winter. The maximum temperature during the summer can reach a high of around 45oC and a low of around 5oC during the winters. Monsoon reaches this region in the first week of July and continues till the second week of September.

Languages of Vrindavan
Hindi, Braj, and English

STD Code of Vrindavan

Fairs and Festivals of Vrindavan
The twin cities of Mathura and Vrindavan celebrate the festival of Janmashtmi with great pomp and show. Mathura being the birthplace of Lord Krishna and Vrindavan being his residence has a special place in the hearts of Krishna devout. Vrindavan has a distinct style of its own. The processions heavily decorated with 'Jhankis' or tableaus, depicting various episodes of Lord Krishna's life, are brought out in the city. The most spectacular displays during the period are the gold and silver 'Jhulas' or swings that are taken out on display only during the occasion. The Raslila enactments further add to the festive spirit. Apart from that Earthen-pots of curd and butter are hung up over the streets. Young men enacting an episode from Krishna's childhood form human pyramids by climbing on each other's shoulders and try to break these up.
Braj Parikrama
The Rainy month of Bhadon, the month when the Lord Krishna was born, is a time of colourful celebrations. The famous Braj Parikrama - a pilgrimage of all the places in Braj that associated with Shri Krishna, is undertaken. Traditionally, the Chaurasi kos (84 km) pilgrimage of Braj Mandal, with its 12 vanas (forests). 24 upvanas (groves), sacred hill Govardhan, divine River Yamuna and numerous holy places along its banks, is undertaken annually by lakhs of devotees from all over the country. The Yatra extends to Kotban to the north of Mathura, to Nandgaon, Barsana and the Govardhan Hill to the west and South-west of the city and to the banks of the Yamuna to the east, where the Baldeo Temple is located. Colorful meals and performances of the Raaslila (a depiction of the exploits of Shri Krishna) are distinctive to this festive period.

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