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Brief of Mysore

Mysore is one of the largest cities in the state of Karnataka, India. It is the headquarters of the Mysore district and the Mysore division in Karnataka. It lies about 140 km. to the south-west of Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka. Historically, the city was the capital of the Mysore kingdom which was ruled by the Wodeyar family.


Various arts and crafts thrived under the kings patronage, leading to the city earning the sobriquet of the cultural capital of Karnataka. Mysore receives a large number of tourists most of whom visit the city during the 10-day celebrations that go on during the dushera festival. Mysore is also known as the city of palaces due to the large number of palaces that are present in the city.

Mysore is a city of palaces, gardens, shady avenues and sacred temples and retains some of the charm of the old world with its many institutions that propagate Carnatic Classical music and dance.

History of Mysore

Mysore city was the capital of the former royal Mysore province. The word Mysore expands to 'Mahishasurana Ooru', which means the town of Mahishasura. According to Hindu mythology Mahishasura was a demon king who was killed by the warrior goddess Chamundeshwari on Chamundi hill near Mysore. Ever since, the people of Mysore have worshipped Chamundeshwari as their tutelary deity.


The Wodeyar royal family ruled Mysore since the 14th century except for a short period of 40 years in the 18th century when Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan were the rulers. Hyder Ali was a general in the army of the Wodeyar king who rose to become the ruler of Mysore. His son Tipu Sultan followed in his footsteps expanding Mysore's territories in a series of daring battles, until he was killed when fighting the British.

Following his death in 1799 the kingdom was again restored to the Wodeyar family who ruled Mysore till its accession to the Union of India in 1947, after India gained independence.

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