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Brief of Chamba

Brief Enjoy Chamba tourism in Himachal Pradesh which is a small town located at an altitude of 926 meters. Chamba is the perfect place for those who want to unwind their hectic schedule and enjoy a peaceful stay in the hills. Chamba is situated amidst the Shivalik hills, in the north western part of Himachal Pradesh. The town lies on River Ravi, in a valley between two mountain ridges. Chamba provides very vast contrasts to Dalhousie, the colonial resort of rich Lahorians


and the British, because of its undisturbed ancient heritage and customs. Chamba is a place where in one moment you will fell like being on a hill top, while the next will take you higher to the clouds. Come to Chamba to feel the transition from real life to a magical one. Chamba is easily accessible due to its proximity at just 50 km from Dalhousie via Khajjiar.

This Rajput capital has temples that form the main highlight, attracting thousands of pilgrims as well as tourist all the year round. The growing town has also extracted its pound of flesh, from the temple that is located in a maze of by lanes. Being one of the most beautiful hill resorts of Himachal, it is an indisputable fact, that the landscape is sure to delight even an ill-favored spectator. Visit this temple hill station during the month of March and June, when the weather is

typically highland - cool and pleasant. There are local fairs and festivals that too drive tourists to home this destination - where they get a chance to fuse with the local culture and traditions.

History of Chamba

History asserts the Rajput to have been the main rulers of this small hill town since the 6th century AD. Though a multitudinous cultural effect could have been in vogue in Chamba, but over the years the influx of plains people has changed both the topography and ethnographic profile of this ancient Rajput capital.

How to reach Chamba

The nearest and most convenient airport is located at Gaggal near Kangra, from where you can hire a taxi or board a bus to reach Dalhousie.
Pathankot is the nearest railhead which is connected to all the major Indian cities through regular trains. Major trains between Delhi and Pathankot are the Jammu Mail, Shalimar Exp, Jhelum Exp. and Tata Jat Exp.
Luxury and standard buses operate regularly between Dalhousie and major neighboring cities. The route is through Pathankot via Ambala and Ludhiana. State transport and privately operated buses are easily available.

Distance from major cities to Chamba
Delhi = 446 Kms
Pathankot = 45 Kms
Shimla = 194 Kms
Chamba = 14 Kms
Kangra = 140 Kms

Best time to visit Chamba
March and June

Climate of Chamba
Chamba is 726m, above sea level. The maximum temperature of Chamba town in summer is around 36 Celsius. Winter temperature comes down to almost OoC. Heavy woolens are required in winter and light woolens clothes in summer.

Fair and Festivals of Chamba
Sui Mata festival - July - August.
Minjar Fair - A Week Celebration in July.
Suhi Mela (For Women) - March and April.

The fairs and festivals of Chamba are as eloquent as the temples. You should come to Chamba during the festive season that will help you get a better insight on the cultural beliefs and lifestyle of the Chamba people. Known locally as 'Jatras', these festivals mark the traditional dance and music along with the rituals. However, the most famous attraction during the festivals are the 'Chela' of the residing deities, who is believed to get possessed by the deity on certain occasions and answers the questions and prayers of the devotees. You should see the Sui Mata festival held in the month of March and April. This is one of the most important festivals and is celebrated for four days.

Talking about the fairs, the most celebrated will be Minjar Fair. This week long fair is celebrated during the months of July, with its inception dating back to the 10th century AD. Marking the annual harvest season of Maize, this fair is proclaimed by distribution of Minjar - a silk tassel worn by men and women. During this fair, sports are organised and most part of the town is converted into market where people do merry business during this week. During this festival enjoy basking the Betel leaf and applying ittar, which are considered auspicious.
It comes to an end with a procession to River Ravi where the men and women throw off their silk tassels or Minjars (representing sheaves of maize) into the river. During this festival, you will get a chance to listen to the traditional Kumjari-Malhar, that is sung by the local artists. This fair is regarded as a state festival, and receives huge coverage - making it an inevitable visit for the tourists.

Another important fair in Chamba is the Suhi Mela, which is an exclusive festival for women. Celebrated during the month of March and April, this festival is noted for its religious significance. The site of the festival is itself has a holy shrine that you should not miss.

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