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Panna is located in the north-eastern part of Madhya Pradesh with the headquarters at Panna town. It forms the northern district of Sagar division.

Originally a Gond settlement up to the 13th century, Panna was made the capital by Raja Chhatrasal Bundela. Panna was a part of the new Indian state of Vindhya Pradesh which was merged into Madhya Pradesh on 1st November 1956.

The only diamond city of India, Panna has Rolling Meadows dotted with evergreen trees, rocks, hills and forests. Panna is famous for its temples which strike a very fine blend of Hindu and Muslim architecture. With a sanctuary for rare wild life and avifauna and a diamond mine, Panna has been transformed to a city of natural beauty and eternal serenity.

History of Panna

Panna Dhai, a 16th century Rajput woman of the Kheechee tribe, nursemaid to Udai Singh, the fourth son of Maharana SANGRAM SINGH I (SANGA) (1509-1527). Her name, Panna means emerald, and dhai means a wet nurse in hindi language. She had been given charge of young Udai, breast - feeding him virtually from his birth in 1522, along with her own son Chandan (also known as Moti), who was of similar age and Udai's playmate.

However, the second and third decades of the 16th century were troubled times, and events moved rapidly. Sanga died of wounds sustained at the Battle of KHANWA (1527) against Mughal emperor BABUR. Sanga's eldest son BHOJ RAJ had been killed in battle in 1521. Three of his other sons died during his lifetime. Then his eldest son succeeded to the throne as Maharana RATAN SINGH II (1527-1531). However, when he died after ruling only four years, the vile-tempered VIKRAMADITYA II succeeded to the throne at the young age of 14.

Vikramaditya took a small force of nobles and their armies into the hills to provide a second attack force; and young Udai Singh was spirited away with a small party that included Panna and her son to safety in Bundi. Chittor was sacked and Bahadur Shah returned to Gujarat. Udai Singh returned to the capital, and Vikramaditya came back to continue his reign. Unfortunately, his temperament had not improved with defeat and, one day in 1536, he physically abused a respected old chieftain at the Court. This proved to be the final straw for the Mewar nobles; they placed Vikramaditya under palace arrest, leaving the object of Panna Dhai's love and loyalty, Udai Singh as heir-elect to the throne.

How to reach Panna

The National Park can be reached from the Khajuraho airport, lying 26 km away. Daily flights are available from Delhi. A taxi drive would take you to the forests from the airport.
The nearest railhead from the forest is Jhansi . Jhansi is 176 km from the forest. A 4 hr road trip on a taxi or bus is required to reach the reserve. Getting down at Satna is also an option.
Panna is connected to Bhopal via NH 86 via Chhatarpur and NH 75. regular bus services are available for the forest. It is also accessible from Gwalior. A straight drive down Jhansi via NH 78 and Chhatarpur will take you to the National Park. Frequent bus services from Jhansi and Satna are available. You can also access the Agra route though the communication facilities are not frequent in this route.

Distance from Panna to major cities
Cities Distance in KM
Panna to Khajuraho : 37
Panna to Delhi : 580
Panna to Mumbai : 986
Panna to Jhansi : 176
Panna to Kolkata : 865

Best time to visit Panna
January to May

Climate of Panna
Min Max
Summers 31 C 45 C
Winters 3C 14 C

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