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Overview of Kasaragod Tourist Spots in Kasaragod Location Near Kasaragod Tour Operators for Kasaragod Tour Packages for Kasaragod
Brief of Indore Indore is an important industrial city of central India, situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh, also known as 'Mini Mumbai'. Indore is also known as the city of the Holkars and was built by a Queen of Holkar dynasty Ahilya Bai. The city is situated in the Narmada River valley in the western part of the state of Madhya Pradesh. It has a number of historical monuments and temples. The architecture of the monuments in Indore is read more
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Gurgaon, the commercial capital of Haryana, is one of the most sought after destination for MNCs, Corporates, residents and Investors as it offers world class standard of living and globally comparable business address in the form of IT parks and Business Centers. Real estate is booming at a fast pace in this futuristic city of India. It can be witnessed from the number of new buildings coming up in the city. Its mounting popularity has inspired the offices to relocate from congeread more
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Overview of Mumbai Tourist Spots in Mumbai Location Near Mumbai Tour Operators for Mumbai Tour Packages for Mumbai
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Brief of Kolkata Kolkata, a city that means many things to many people. For some, Kolkata is the city of joy, while for others it is dirty, crowded, and noisy. Once the greatest colonial city in the Orient, Kolkata was later reviled as a cauldron of poverty, dirt, and disease. Today, it ranks among the four major metropolis of India along with Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. A mere village in the 17th century, Kolkata is not an ancient city like Delhi. Like Mumbai and Chennaread more
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Overview of Hazaribag Tourist Spots in Hazaribag Location Near Hazaribag Tour Operators for Hazaribag Tour Packages for Hazaribag
Brief of Kufri Kufri is a tiny hill station located near Shimla. It is famous for its trekking and hiking trails. Adventure - seeking travelers throng Kufri in winters to enjoy skiing and tobogganing along its snow-covered slopes. Kufri is also famous for its nature parks and picnic spots. Kufri's proximity to the hill station of Shimla makes it an important place to visit. Kufri is located in the southern part of the state of Himachal Prread more
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Situated on the south of city of Ahmedabad lies the city of Vadodara. Vadodara is a graceful city of palaces, parks, temples and museums. It is also known as Baroda and rises from the banks of River Vishwamitri. Vadodara is the industrial and cultural capital of Gujarat. Vadodara, originally 'Vadapadraka' means a village amidst the banyan trees. Baroda is known as the garden city of Gujarat. Vadodara also known as Baroda is situated at the bank of Vishwamitri river. Vadodara iread more
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The shrine of Yamunotri, source of river Yamuna is situated in the direction opposite to Gangotri and the road bifurcates and goes to Yamunotri from Dharasu, a place between Rishikesh - Uttarkashi. Another 55 km away is Barkot, affording a fabulous view of the Banderpunch Range. Barkot is also approachable by road directly from Delhi (334 km ) via Saharanpur, Harbartpur, Nainbagh and Naugaon.8 km from Barkot is Gangani, a place of pilgrimage, on the left bank of Yamuna. The hread more
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Brief of Jaisalmer Jaisalmer in Rajasthan paints a real picture of Arabian Nights. Coming straight from your Arabian Night imagination, Jaisalmer is a jewel of the desert state and is dotted with forts, havelis and palaces. The best time to take a tour to Jaisalmer in Rajasthan is October-March. Jaisalmer is abeautiful town dotted with forts and palaces. There are numerous tourist attractions in Jaisalmer that will undoubtedly make your Jaisalmer tour an unforgettable experead more
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Brief of Calicut Kozhicode, formerly called Calicut was the traditional capital of Northern Kerala under the Samuthiri ruler. Kozhicode, was the most important region of Malabar in the days gone by. Today, ancient monuments, serene beaches, historic sites, wildlife sanctuaries, rivers, hills, a unique culture and a warm, friendly ambience make Kozhicode a much sought after destination.Calicut, lies sandwiched between the districts of Kannur and Malappuram, in the state of read more
Overview of Calicut Tourist Spots in Calicut Location Near Calicut Tour Operators for Calicut Tour Packages for Calicut
Brief of Trivandrum Trivandrum, the capital of beautiful Kerala lies in the southwest coast of India. The city is officially known as Thiruvananthapuram. The city gets its name from the word, Thiruvananthapuram, meaning the city of Anantha or the abode of the sacred Serpent Anantha on which Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the Hindu trinity, reclines. Trivandrum is a beautiful seaside city built on seven hills. The city of Trivandrum has a prominent history. Trade had startedread more
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Overview of Baihar Tourist Spots in Baihar Location Near Baihar Tour Operators for Baihar Tour Packages for Baihar
Vellore, a district capital in Tamil Nadu, has long been known for its stately fort and temple, renowned hospital and medical college, Parry's factories and the vast government industrial estate in nearby Ranipet. Vellore's history records several dynasties and powers. The Pallavas, Cholas, Pandyas, Hoysalas, Sambhurvarayars, Chalukyas, Vijayanagar, Bijapur Sultans, Mughals, Marathas, French and the British have all ruled the area at one point of time or the other. The twenty oread more
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