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The shrine of Yamunotri, source of river Yamuna is situated in the direction opposite to Gangotri and the road bifurcates and goes to Yamunotri from Dharasu, a place between Rishikesh - Uttarkashi. Another 55 km away is Barkot, affording a fabulous view of the Banderpunch Range. Barkot is also approachable by road directly from Delhi (334 km ) via Saharanpur, Harbartpur, Nainbagh and Naugaon.8 km from Barkot is Gangani, a place of pilgrimage, on the left bank of Yamuna. The hread more
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Brief of Bikaner Bikaner was founded in 1488 by a descendant of the founder of Jodhpur named Rao Bhikaji. The city is encircled by high fortifications comprising a 7 km long wall which bounds the old city and has 5 entrances. All these were established in the 18th century. Bikaner, the sprawling desert city of Rajasthan is an interesting site of traditional Rajasthani attractions, well - fed camels and citadels. This camel country is also famous for its exotic camel saread more
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Brief The city of Ayodhya is an important pilgrim place for Hindus in India. It is one of the seven holiest cities of India. Ayodhya is the birthplace of Lord Ram, who is an important deity in the Hindu pantheon. This small, quiet town attracts pilgrims from all over the country. Hindu pilgrims visiting Ayodhya during festivals and important religious functions consider a holy dip in the sacred Saryu River very auspicious.     History read more
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Brief of Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam is a land of many surprises. Visakhapatnam became popularly known as Vizag. It is no exaggeration to say that no other place in AP is as blessed with such scenic surroundings as Visakhapatnam. It has Monuments, scenic landscapes, fine accessible sand beaches and thickly wooded hills. It is the only place on the east coast where the hills (Eastern Ghats) and the sea meet. With the picturesque beaches the 25read more
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Patiala district is one of the famous princely states of erstwhile Punjab. Forming the south-eastern part of the state, it lies between 29°49’ and 30°47’ north latitude, 75°58’ and 76°54' east longitude. It is surrounded by the districts of Fatehgarh Sahib & Rupnagar and the Union Territory of Chandigarh in the north, Sangrur district in the west, Ambala and Kurukshetra districts of neighbouring state of Haryana in the east and Kaithal district of Haryana in the soutread more
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Situated on the south of city of Ahmedabad lies the city of Vadodara. Vadodara is a graceful city of palaces, parks, temples and museums. It is also known as Baroda and rises from the banks of River Vishwamitri. Vadodara is the industrial and cultural capital of Gujarat. Vadodara, originally 'Vadapadraka' means a village amidst the banyan trees. Baroda is known as the garden city of Gujarat. Vadodara also known as Baroda is situated at the bank of Vishwamitri river. Vadodara iread more
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The city is named after Jalandhar, a demon king, who finds a mention in the Puranas and Mahabharta. According to another legend, Jalandhar was the capital of the kingdom of lav, son of Rama. According to yet another version Jalandhar is said to have derived its name from the vernacular term `Jalandhar’ means area inside the water, i.e. tract laying between the two rivers Satluj and Beas, still another name of Jalandhar had been Trigartta, as it was waters by three rivers,read more
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Brief of Agra Agra, the city of Taj, it is one of the most sought after travel destinations in India. Almost each and every tourist coming to India visits Agra and the amazing Taj Mahal. Apart from the magnificent monument, there are a number of other edifices worth seeing on travel to Agra. Most of these buildings were constructed under the rule of Emperor Akbar and Shah Jahan. History of Agra Agra was established by Badal Singh in 1475read more
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Brief of Kalimpong KALIMPONG - means king's minister's strong hold - a Bhutanese word. It is also called Kalimpong in local dialect meaning "black spur". As per Lepchas Kalimpong means 'ridge where we play'. It is said that these local tribesmen used to organize field sports while not engaged in agricultural pursuit - hence the name. It is a beautiful hill town in North Bengal which can be reached from either Siliguri or Darjeeling. Situated at aread more
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South Goa
Brief of South Goa South Goa is one of the districts of Goa that is famous for its natural beaches, temples, waterfalls, hill spots, paddy fields, coconut gardens and plenty more alluring tourist spots. This place fills up the entire southern part of Goa. The district of South Goa occupies the southern part of the state. The district head quarters are located at Margao. It is bordered by the Arabian Sea to the west, North Goa district to the North and Uttar Kannadaread more
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Brief of Banswara It is also named so because of the bamboos (Bans) which were found in abundance in the forests. In 1913 some bhils revolted under the headship of a social reformer Govindgiri and Punja which was suppressed in November, 1913. Hundreds of Bhils were shot dead at the Mangarh hillock where they were holding a peaceful meeting. The event is also known as the Mini Jalianwala Bagh massacre. The place has become sacred and is better known as the Mangarh more
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