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Brief of Alwar It is one of the oldest cities of the state and its prehistoric and historic sites are an archaeologists delight. Paradoxically Alwar is both the oldest and the newest of the Rajput Kingdoms of Rajasthan. On the one hand, it traces its tradition back to the kingdoms of Viratnagar that flourished here around 1500 B.C. It is also known as Matasya Desh where the pandavs. The mightly heroes the Mahabharata, spent the last year of their 13 year exile. read more
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Brief of Agra Agra, the city of Taj, it is one of the most sought after travel destinations in India. Almost each and every tourist coming to India visits Agra and the amazing Taj Mahal. Apart from the magnificent monument, there are a number of other edifices worth seeing on travel to Agra. Most of these buildings were constructed under the rule of Emperor Akbar and Shah Jahan. History of Agra Agra was established by Badal Singh in 1475read more
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Brief of Bangalore Bangalore is the English version of Bengalooru, the way it is pronounced in the local language Kannada. It is said that the word Bengalooru originated from the sentence "Bendakaalooru" meaning "City of baked - beans", as the color of the soil resembled that of baked bean. During the first centuries immediately after Christ, the Southern part of the present day Karnataka state, where Bangalore is located, Jainism was the main religious belief. Once part oread more
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Brief of Jodhpur Jodhpur is located in the western region of Rajasthan and at the edge of the Thar Desert. Jodhpur is the second largest city of the state. Wander around and explore the fascinating region with historical monuments. Learn more about the legendary past of Jodhpur with the tour of historical places ofJodhpur. There are numerous tourist attractions of Jodhpur that has historical significances. Mehrangarh Fort is a 5 km long fort and has four gateways. The fortread more
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The Gateway to South India, Chennai, located along the Coromandel Coast initially grew around the British settlement of Fort St. George and is today India's fourth largest metropolis. Chennai has retained its traditional Tamil roots while acquiring a modern and cosmopolitan character. Chennai is famous for its sandy beaches, parks and historic landmarks. With a very distinct culture, the people of Chennai have a special interest in music, dance and all other art forms oread more
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Goa, located in the west coast of India is one of the most popular tourist destinations of India. Goa referred as the "Pearl of the Orient" personifies sun kissed beaches, lofty palms, majestic churches and spectacular monuments. Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary located at island of Chorao, is a delightful retreat for the bird watchers. The evergreen destination of Goa is a holidaymaker's paradise. Breathtakingly beautiful blue beaches, sensuous silvery sands, fabulous flora read more
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Vaishno Devi
The Vaishno Devi shrine is located in a cave towards the top of the Trikuta Mountains in Jammu-Kashmir. There are three pindies for Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati. Vaishno Devi is mostly identified with Mahalakshmi although She is the combined shakti's of all three. This is believed to be the only place where these three Devi's are found in one temple as natural pindies. The yatra, on foot, starts from Katra and continues up the mountain for around 12 kilometers. The yread more
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While on your tour to Karnataka you will come across the little district of Coorg in the Sahyadri hills. It is an entirely different facet of India which is untouched by the hustle and bustle of the town and is also the birthplace of the River Cauvery. The unparalleled natural splendor of this place attracts a large number of tourists from all corners of India. The diverse land of Coorg is resplendent with coffee plantatations with red berries, cardamom fields covered with white read more
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UDAIPUR is situated in the south - west of the biggest State in India: Rajasthan - the " Land of the Raj's" - Kings - at the bottom of the mountainrange Aravali in a valley 577m above the sea level. Udaipur has many names: the "City of Sunrise" - the "City of the Lakes" - the "Venice of the East" - and is a "smaller" Indian city with a population around 500.000, founded in 1567 by Maharana Udai Singh II, following the third sack of Chittor. The beautiful Pichola Lake is 4read more
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Greater Noida
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Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh and a major travel hill station in India. Shimla is also an important administrative centre. It has been variously described as the Indian Capua, Mount Olympus and the Abode of the Little Tin Gods. At the other end is Sir Edward Lutyen’s (the architect of New Delhi) snooty remark – "If I had been told it had all been built by monkeys, I would have said, what wonderful monkeys, they must be shot in case they do it again."!! Shimla read more
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Brief of Kanpur Nestled on the banks of the eternal Ganga, Kanpur stands as one of North India's major industrial centres with its own historical, religious and commercial importance. Believed to be founded by king Hindu Singh of the erstwhile state of Sachendi, Kanpur was originally known as `Kanhpur'. It is home to several most prestigious educational institutions of the country, including one of the Indian Institutes of Technology, CSJM University, Harcourt Butler Tecread more
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Brief of Mysore Mysore is one of the largest cities in the state of Karnataka, India. It is the headquarters of the Mysore district and the Mysore division in Karnataka. It lies about 140 km. to the south-west of Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka. Historically, the city was the capital of the Mysore kingdom which was ruled by the Wodeyar family. Various arts and crafts thrived under the kings patronage, leading to the city earning the sobriquet of the read more
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