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Jaipur is the first planned city of India, located in the desert lands of Rajasthan. The city that once had been the capital of the royalty, now serves as the capital city of Rajasthan. The very structure of Jaipur resembles the taste of the Rajputs and the Royal family. In the present date, Jaipur is the major business centre for the natives of Rajasthan with all requisites of a metropolitan city. The city of Jaipur, painted in pink, grasp the appreciation of every visitread more
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Brief of Kumarakom Kumarakom 14 kms from Kottayam is a group of small islands on the fresh water lake Vembanad Lake and a pretty, clean village like most places in Kerala. Kumarakom is a protected area for indigenous and migratory birds. The main attraction in this area is the beautiful Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary spread across 14 acres. It is a favorite haunt of migratory birds such as egrets, darters, herons, teal, waterfowl, cuckoo, wild dread more
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Rajkot is one of the fastest developing cities located at in the center of Saurashtra region of Gujarat State situated on western part of India. The city has geographical area of 104.86 sq.kms and has a population of one million plus (Census, 2001) Rajkot is a town in the state of Gujarat in western India and it was here that Mahatma Gandhi, the legendary leader of India spent his early life. Rajkot was also the capital of erstwhile Saurashtra state and is located on the banks oread more
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Brief of Allahabad Allahabad lies 135 km west of Varanasi in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and is at the confluence of the Ganga (also Ganges), Yamuna, and the mythical Saraswati River, the point of their mingling known as Sangam. Also known by its old name of Prayag, the city is an educational hub and a great pilgrimage center, especially the world-famous Kumbh Mela. History of Allahabad Allahabad finds mention in the read more
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Brief of Chittaurgarh The story of Chittaurgarh in the north Indian state of Rajasthan is a saga of valour, tenacity and sacrifice. Chittaurgarh (also spelled Chittorgarh) is a treasure trove of history and offers to the traveller an insight into the life of the Great Rajput rulers, who laid down their lives fighting a superior enemy instead of leading a life of submission under them. The hilltop fortress of Chittaurgarh echoes the romantic, doomed ideal of Rajput chivalryread more
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Brief of Haridwar Haridwar or Hari-dwar in Hindi literally means Gateway to God; Hari is synonymous to God and Dwar means gate! Situated in the state of Uttarakhand, this holy place presents a religious destination to people hailing from various backgrounds. Haridwar depicts Indian culture and civilization in its full effect. The ancient Indian mythology refers to Haridwar as Gangadwar, Kapilsthan and Mayapuri, as also known in olden times. Theread more
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Brief of Bharatpur the Eastern Gateway to Rajasthan, Bharatpur was the premier Jat State in Rajasthan. Badan Singh established and founded the fort and palaces of Deeg in 1725. Seven years later, Raja Badan Singh adopted son Maharaja Suraj Mal in 1733 AD laid the foundation nearby of the fort of Bharatpur. It was a formidable structure called Lohagarh (iron fort), which lived up to its reputation, it was once an impregnable well fortified city, carved out of the region forread more
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Brief of Kullu The most charming and beautiful Kullu Valley spreads out its charm on either side of river Beas. The valley runs north to south of this river and is 80kms. long and about 2kms. at its broadest. Yet with awe inspiring glens and mossy meadows encircled by the rushing streams and meandering brooks, flung east & west, a fairly wide area is open to the tourists, the trekkers, the mountaineers, the artists and to anyone who wishesread more
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Brief of Mumbai The Capital of Maharashtra, is the fastest moving city of India. Mumbai, being the commercial capital of the country, it is a land for finance, trade and entertainment of the country. This city is full of excitement energy and enthusiasm. The city displays a cosmopolitan character which reflects in its cuisine, culture, inhabitants and language. The bustling city, is the most busy ports of India and handles about 40 percent of India's Martine trade. The citread more
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Brief of Khajuraho Close on the heels of the Taj and the piousness of Varanasi; the enigma of Khajuraho, unfolds with the tinkling of temple bells and the graceful movement, of myriad forms, poised in dance and movement, with the beauty of the timeless sculptures. Once used to guard the city gates, Khajuraho, alludes to the imagery of the tall date palms. While the gates have ceased to exist, the willowy date palms, continue to grace this temple town. The temples are a fabread more
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